Boom in Immigrant Small Business Owners in NYC: Report
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Foreign-born owners of small business in the New York metropolitan area grew by 66%
between 1990 and 2010, according to a Fiscal Policy Institute report released Thursday.

Lead author David Dyssegaard Kallick attributed the growth to increases in the overseas-born population during the same period.

“Immigrants are playing a bigger role in step with their increase in the population,’’ said Mr. Kallick, a senior fellow at the institute and director of its immigration research initiative.

The 33-page report, Immigrant Small Business Owners, reveals there were about 78,000 overseas-born small business owners in 1990.

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Sen. Marco Rubio’s plan for alternate Dream Act lacks details
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WASHINGTON — It’s one of the most hyped bills on Capitol Hill, and it doesn’t even exist.

Three months after U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio revealed he was working on an alternative to the Dream Act, triggering a gusher of positive news coverage, he has yet to produce a written proposal.

The delay is raising expectations but also underscores the political challenge facing the Florida Republican and could elevate cynicism that it is an election-year effort to win Hispanic votes. What is certain is time is running out to do something this year, a reality Rubio acknowledged Wednesday.

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