Report: U.S. released thousands of immigrant felons last year

Critics of the administration’s immigration policies are pointing to data on the thousands of immigrants convicted of crimes – and then released – as evidence that there should be no further leniency toward those in the U.S. without permission.

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Homeland Security chief says ‘fresh start’ needed for deportation program

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday that a “fresh start” is needed for the controversial deportation program known as Secure Communities, offering another indication this week that the Obama administration will soon revise its immigration-enforcement priorities.

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Tea party leader backs immigration reform
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A key tea party leader is urging House Republicans to get behind immigration reform.

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Democrats and Republicans play the immigration blame game
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When it comes to immigration, Democrats are masters of deception.

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The Primaries Project: The Tea Party Hasn’t Won on Immigration – So Far
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There’s no doubt that establishment Republicans have moved to the right under pressure from the tea party. That’s led some to conclude that even as tea party candidates lose primary battles this year, the tea party movement has won the issues war. But that story line is problematic when it comes to immigration. With the business community and many establishment Republicans still firmly committed to comprehensive reform, it remains a great divide within the party.

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Dems debate mixing immigration, defense
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Senate Democrats are debating whether to include language in the defense authorization bill to give legal status to young people who are illegal immigrants but serve in the military.

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How Local Governments Are Hacking Immigration Reform
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Only the federal government can grant amnesty. But cities and counties can effectively opt to stop deportations—and increasingly, they are.

Obama to GOP: On immigration, you have three months
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President Obama met with law enforcement officials today to discuss immigration reform, and tellingly, he declared that House Republicans have a short timeline for action. “The closer we get to the midterm elections, the harder it is to get things done around here,” Obama said, according to the White House transcript. “We’ve got maybe a window of two, three months to get the ball rolling in the House of Representatives.”

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Politics won’t drive U.S. deportation review, security chief says
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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, charged by President Barack Obama with reviewing U.S. policies on deportation, said on Tuesday he would not let political considerations constrain him from making improvements to the system.

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Immigration Bill Hinges on Evangelicals, Cops, Obama Says
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President Barack Obama is holding out the prospect that immigration legislation might pass Congress this year and is urging police officials to join with evangelical Christians and businesses to pressure House Republicans.

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