Can You Trust Obama to Police Immigration? Report: Yes You Can
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Moving ahead on immigration reform depends on the President, he’s enforcing the law. Obama has to show the American people and the Congress he can implement the law, so that it may be passed. Obama has been focusing on enforcing policies an addition to focusing on border security and deportations of criminals.

Unfortunately married couples have been separated, mothers taken away from their children and fathers deported because of the broken immigration system, we need reform and we need it now. Some have also opposed Obama’s decision to extend relief from deportation to young immigrants who are in the country illegally.  Administration has been analyzing and results show that enforcement has continued and the following are the r

  • An increasing share of people are deported through formal removals (preventing them from returning legally on a visa and if they try to re-enter illegally, they face prison time.)
  • An increasing share of people are formally removed through the Department of Homeland Security and not a judicial process.
  • An increasing share of people apprehended at the border face charges.

One way may be in making some changes in a criminal conviction, which now may include a range of crimes from very serious to minor offenses, such as minor traffic violations. But removing immigration crimes from the deportation priority list would be tougher because it would send a signal that once past the border enforcement, there is no accountability for entering illegally. Which would create more laws.


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