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I-129: Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides many different types of visas to immigrants who want to enter the U.S. under various specific circumstances. The visas that are available through an application process can be for vacations, permanent relocation or … Continue reading

Creating good jobs requires a good jobs agenda
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Germany has a well-deserved reputation for smart economic policy, including ways in which the government, business, and labor work together to further the common goals of a skilled workforce producing quality output for both domestic and global markets.  The US, … Continue reading

Immigration reform makes dollars and sense for Pa. Latinos: Carlos Graupera

Lancaster County’s vibrant Latino community is an excellent example of the important role immigration plays in maintaining America’s growth, creative energy, and economic progress. Congress must update our immigration system to ensure that the United States continues to be the … Continue reading

Tech industry pushes for immigration reform through new campaign

Thousands gathered on the National Mall last April to advocate for immigration reform. A new campaign launched Monday by tech leaders aims to push Congress to pass immigration reform legislation.

Michigan only 2nd state to welcome immigrant investors with statewide EB-5 visa center
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LANSING, MI — Michigan will become just the second state in the nation to manage its own regional center for an immigrant visa program that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has championed as a tool to attract investors and create jobs.

Chinese immigrants overwhelm EB-5 visa program
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Currently, a visa program in the United States is available to wealthy immigrants who have the funds to pay for a visa. These visas are known as investor immigrant (EB-2) visas, and with $100,000 and the promise to create 10 … Continue reading

Tech Industry’s Stance on Immigration Scrutinized
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The technology industry’s push for legislation providing more visas for high-tech foreign workers is prompting concern that the influential technology lobby may be stepping back from the broader effort to pass comprehensive legislation.

Imported food is poor remedy for farm labor shortages
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The inability of Congress to fix the nation’s broken immigration system is bad for America.It’s hurting the economy and leaving us less secure. The problems are complex, but Congress has a good idea about what needs to be done.

Immigration lottery limits US employers
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Today, employers will submit tens of thousands of H-1B visa applications to two government processing centers in Vermont and California.  It is an annual ritual for U.S. employers who must obtain permission from the federal government to hire high-skilled foreign … Continue reading

Immigration reform a must for farmers, ranchers
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My wife and I, along with my brother, his wife and our parents, operate a 500-cow dairy and a 350-cow beef business near Floresville, south of San Antonio. We also have 4,500 acres under cultivation.